Workshops and Training


To integrate recognition in your management practices

If you would like to improve recognition practices within your organization, we offer a first step in this direction.

Recognition, a driver for performance

Intended for management teams, this introductory workshop will allow you to:

  • Understand the different components of an effective recognition system;
  • Identify potential gains associated with better recognition;
  • Realize the financial impact of recognition in the workplace.


Optimize your recognition system

This 2nd workshop is more practical and aims to:

  • Review your organization’s current practices;
  • Identify opportunities for improvement;
  • Establish an action plan.


Our workshops are taught by certified RPI* experts and CHRP members** and offered in half-day and full-day formats.
*Recognition Professionals International ** Chartered Professionals in Human Resources 


Orange Program

If you are you looking to help your managers effectively incorporate recognition into their management practices: try Orange, practical and integrated training like no other!

In a few words, Orange is:

  • Training to improve the quality and frequency of day-to-day recognition;
  • A hands-on training program using microlearning;
  • Workplace training combining online and offline activities;
  • Practical tools (checklists, thank-you cards, challenge card games, etc.);
  • Mechanisms for monitoring and measuring results in real time to follow participant progress and ensure that goals are reached.


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